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    Veterans Administration Clinic

    Savannah, GA

    TCS provided LEED Enhanced Commissioning for a new 73,000 SF Community-Based Outpatient Clinic. Services include primary care, mental health, physical therapy and specialty care, including dermatology, gynecology, ophthalmology and podiatry. The project featured a central chilled water plant, radiological rooms, and pressure isolation rooms.

    Army Material Command Headquarters

    Red Stone Arsenal, AL

    TCS provided LEED® Fundamental Commissioning for a 400,000 SF, two-phase, design-build command and control facility for Army Materiel Command (AMC) headquarters and command operations similar to corporate headquarters and emergency operations center. The headquarters featured a central utility plant, two-story lobby connector, six-story AMC wing, and three-story USASAC wing.

    Bridgestone Americas Headquarters

    Nashville, TN

    Bridgestone Americas Headquarters is a 34-story office building. The development consisted of a core and shell space followed by the tenant improvement of all 30 office floors. TCS provided Enhanced commissioning services on both the core and shell and tenant equipment.

    JW Marriott

    Nashville, TN

    Enhanced commissioning of an 810,000 SF downtown hotel with 34 floors with 533 keyed guest suites, multiple restaurants, and several large formal ballrooms.

    Schermerhorn Symphony Center

    Nashville, TN

    Retro-commissioning services for this four-story, 197,000 SF world-class concert hall. The venue featured a 1,900-seat concert hall, house rehearsal spaces, meeting rooms, and educational classrooms.

    Vanderbilt University

    Annette and Irwin Eskind Biomedical Library

    Nashville, TN

    GE Aviation

    Auburn, AL

    LEED Enhanced commissioning for a new advanced manufacturing plant producing precision, alloy machined parts for GE's jet engines. LEED energy modeling was performed showing over 28% energy savings above ASHRAE 90.1.

    Fort Jackson ECIP

    Fort Jackson, SC

    Fundamental commissioning was provided to four Central/District Energy Plants for the Fort Jackson facility. The project involved the replacement of thee 1200 ton water-cooled chillers, cooling towers, pumps, and controls.

    Ascend Amphitheater

    Nashville, TN

    LEED Commissioning services for a 35,000 SF amphitheater. The 6,500 patron facility has a 100'x60' stage with back-of-house space consisting of a performers' wing, an office wing, V.I.P. meet and greet area, support service area, and kitchen/dining. The support buildings include a 1,290 SF sponsor pavilion and lounge, 1,573 SF of concession areas, and 5,304 SF of restrooms, first air, and sound control.

    Montgomery Bell Academy Wellness Center

    Nashville, TN

    LEED Enhanced Commissioning for the 200,000 SF Wellness Center at the heart of MBA's campus. The project features a 4,000-seat event arena, auxiliary gymnasium, indoor football field, weight room, golf center, training room, and offices.

    St. Cecilia Academy Fine Arts Center

    Nashville, TN

    Fundamental commissioning for St. Cecilia’s new Fine Arts Building. The center features a full-sized dance studio, two professional art studios, darkroom, kiln rooms, and an art gallery. In addition to the new fine art building, the project included renovation of the existing drama room, music conservatory, and private practice rooms.

    Christ Presbyterian Academy Fine Arts Center

    Nashville, TN

    LEED Enhanced commissioning of Christ Presbyterian’s new 45,000 SF Fine Arts Building, the centerpiece to CPA’s campus improvement master plan. Featuring a 750 seat auditorium, 150 seat black-box theater, lecture hall, classrooms, and offices.

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