Scripps Networks, Inc.

Scripps Networks, Inc.
2012 HVAC Upgrades and Renovations
Knoxville, TN


TCS proveded Retro-Commissioning for HVAC Upgrades and Renovations.

Functional performance tests were conducted on all new fan-powered terminal units during the period from 03/21/2012 to 06/13/2012 by TCS under observation of Blaine Construction Corporation and Scripps Networks, Inc. Johnson Controls witnessed the air ahndling unit test on 06/13/2012. Systems were deemed by TCS on 07/25/2012 to meet requirements of contract documents.

Programming changes were made to the low limit alarm on all air handling units. Any minor issues that were uncovered during functional performance testing were corrected on the spot and noted on the functional performance test paperwork.

Observations were noted regarding existing conditions that may need to be addressed to optimize occupant comfort and energy efficiency.


Thomasson Commissioning Services (TCS) provided retro-commissioning services for this project.